Base Camp Photo Club

Founded 2022

  • Angel McNall - Creator of Base Camp Photo Club

    Angel is the creative force behind Base Camp Photo Club and Rising Tide Photography Summits

  • Luann Cardinal - Executive Assistant

    Luann the ninja that keeps our technology running smoothly, as well as assisting members.

  • Dave McNall - Operations Manager

    Dave is our I.T. guy, behind the scenes staging, zoom meeting, and locations manager.

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  • Our Why

    Welcome to Base Camp Photo Club, a haven for photography enthusiasts around the globe seeking inspiration, education, and a supportive community. Founded by award winning landscape photographer, Angel McNall, our club is dedicated to igniting the creative spark within every photographer, regardless of skill level or experience.

    At Base Camp Photo Club, we understand that photography is not just about capturing moments, its about telling stories, and connecting with the world around us. That's why we strive to create an environment where our members can thrive, learn, and grow as artists.

    Angel McNall, a passionate landscape and travel photographer created Base Camp as a place for photographers of all skill levels to gather, be inspired, get education, and learn how to share their work.

    Joining a photo club was instrumental to Angel's growth as an artist! After leaving her home town photography club to travel the country as a full time RVer with her family, Angel was inspired to recreate her photo club experience online! Through the online platform, we are able to source world class photographers as presenters, and host members from all over the world., weaving together a rich tapestry to ideas and artistry to enrich your journey as a photographer.

  • The Base Camp Experience

    Inspiration and education are at the heart of Base Camp Photo Club. We believe that the world is a breathtaking canvas waiting to be explored and captured through the lens. Through our active Facebook group where members can showcase their images and participate in themed challenges, to our curated, expert led presentations and Q&A sessions, to our expert led image review sessions, photographers at every stage in their journey have opportunities to learn and grow!
    And if sitting back, and just enjoying the show is your speed for now, you can do that too with our library of inspiring classes!

    But Base Camp Photo Club is more than just a platform for learning and inspiration. It's a tight-knit community that fosters connections and friendships among like-minded individuals. We understand the power of collaboration, the value of constructive feedback, and the joy of celebrating each other's successes. Through our Facebook group, member exclusive events and regular zoom meetings,
    we provide a space where photographers can interact, exchange ideas, and find encouragement and support.

    Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to connect with fellow photographers, a passionate hobbyist eager to learn, or someone simply seeking a welcoming community to share your love for photography, Base Camp Photo Club is here to guide you on your photographic journey.

    Join us as we explore new horizons, capture unforgettable moments, and grow together as a global community of photographers. Together, let's conquer the peaks of creativity and embark on a transformative adventure at Base Camp Photo Club.

    Welcome to our base camp.

    Angel McNall
    Founder, Base Camp Photo Club

  • Grow Your Photography and Business with Coaching from Angel

    Mentorship with the right coach can make a HUGE difference in your growth as an artist. Angel brings over 15 years of experience as a photographer (and student!) to the table. In addition to selling thousands of pieces of her own work, Angel has extensive experience in online business, and marketing.

    Angel is an intuitive coach, and will work with you at the level you're at. If you need shooting and editing help, Angel will work with you to help you produce your vision as you never have before.

    When and if you are ready to dip your toes in selling your work, Angel will guide you through the steps necessary to launch successfully.

    Email to schedule a phone chat to see if mentoring with Angel is the next step in your photography journey!