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Daytime Long Exposures- Capture Time with Jürgen Lobert [Meeting Recording]

Daytime Long Exposures- Capture Time with Jürgen Lobert [Meeting Recording]

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Presenter Jürgen Lobert - 

Daytime Long Exposures- Capture Time

Get the recording of Jürgen Lobert doing a presentation on Daytime Long Exposure Photography, answering our questions and reviewing Base Camp Member submitted images. 

This is an instructional introduction to daytime long exposure (DLE) photography by New England-based fine art photographer Jürgen Lobert. 

DLE photography records 1-15 minutes of time in a 2-dimensional photograph by using neutral density filters. This creates unique and intriguing images of the world that we usually freeze in momentary exposures. 

Letting time pass during exposure converts clouds into bands across the sky, smooths waters to a mirror finish and can make people and moving objects disappear. The technique is an excellent addition to any landscape photographer’s tool box. The resulting imagery is otherworldly and strangely beautiful.

We'll be discussing:

  • Why, where and when to do DLE
  • Equipment
  • Cameras, accessories
  • ND filters and holders
  • Exposing for DLE, expose to the right, RGB histogram
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Composing and focusing 
  • High ISO preview
  • Avoiding light leaks
  • Types of DLE
  • Single exposures
  • Stacking exposures
  • Creating ghosts
  • Trichroic Conversions
  • Post-processing considerations
  • Resources

Artist's Bio: 

Jürgen Lobert is a Massachusetts-based fine art
photographer and educator, born and raised in
Germany. He specializes in night photography,
daytime long exposures, urban exploration and
infrared imagery.

Jürgen has curated photography exhibits and his
artwork is in the permanent collection of the Art
Complex Museum, Duxbury MA and private

Jürgen also organizes photo excursions, workshops and tours, and he is an
international lecturer, instructor and competition judge and teaches
photography at the Griffin Museum of Photography. He is a Master Member of
the New England Camera Club Council (MNEC) and the founder and organizer of
the Greater Boston Night Photographers Meetup group.

- Ticket includes:

  •    Presentation
  •    Q&A
  •    Watch the Review of our Member submitted images
  •    Recording of the event within 48 hrs of the event


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