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Full Moon Photography with Josh Cripps [Meeting Recording]

Full Moon Photography with Josh Cripps [Meeting Recording]

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Join us at Base Camp as we welcome Josh Cripps for Full Moon Photography

Program description:
The full moon is one of the most breathtaking sights in the sky, and yet most people find capturing interesting photos of it to be a surprisingly difficult challenge. In this talk you will learn how to overcome the major challenges of shooting the moon so that you can create truly stunning and one-of-a-kind photographs.

You will learn:
    • The 4 main reasons the moon is can be difficult to shoot.
    • Exactly how to overcome those 4 challenges, and to laugh in their face!
    • What makes the best subjects to align with the moon.
    • When and how to shoot to the moon.
    • How to predict exactly where the moon is going to be, and how to create a plan for epic moon photos.
    • Best practices for getting good detail, sharpness, and color in your moon photos.


 Ticket includes:

  •    Presentation
  •    Q&A
  •    Watch the Review of our Member submitted images
  •    Recording of the event within 48 hrs of the event


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