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Seeing in Black and White by Greg Holden [Meeting Recording]

Seeing in Black and White by Greg Holden [Meeting Recording]

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Presenter Greg Holden - 

Seeing in Black and White 

Greg Holden is a photographer from Longmont, Co who uses his photography to share with others how he sees the world. He enjoys creative photos of little scenes often overlooked by others rather than postcard landscapes.

 Colorado photographer Greg Holden will discuss how he seeks out and creates his monochromatic images. He will briefly explain what types of subjects often look best in Black and White, versus color and show side-by-side color and B&W versions of his images to demonstrate how removing color from an image forces the viewer to focus on the shapes, lines and lighting in the image.

After the introduction, he will dive more in-depth to how he previsualizes his
monochrome images and the choices he makes in post-protection to achieve his vision for each. Greg will show side-by-side color and B&W versions of his images to explain why he felt that image looked best in monochrome. He will also show examples of other monochrome conversions such as sepia, monochrome infrared and bi-color grading in Adobe Lightroom.

The presentation will conclude with some side-by-side comparisons of some of Greg’s favorite B&W photos by master photographers that inspired his own photo of a similar

Greg enjoys searching used bookstores for photo collections and has over 170 books (as of May 2023) on and about photography. He finds inspiration from master photographers and a wide range of subjects, such as: the close-up beach studies by Minor White, the early portraiture of Steichen and Stieglitz, and street scenes by Andre Kertesz. He enjoys teaching others and sharing his passion for photography and speaks at camera clubs near his home in the greater Denver area, but also speaks and judges virtually to clubs across the US.

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