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The Best DAM Workshop Ever

The Best DAM Workshop Ever

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The Best DAM Workshop Ever! is a  2-day intensive, interactive online event hosted by Angel McNall and Dan Holmes. 

Dan's system for Digital Asset Management (DAM) is nothing short of impressive, and if anyone can make this topic Fun and Easy, it's Dan! Dan and Angel will help you create a workable framework for a DAM system that works for YOU, and create a fun personal project as well. 

Let's get it DONE! This is not a watch only workshop.. we will work side by side with you to implement your system! :) 

*This workshop is for any level of photographer with a working knowledge of their equipment, computer, and a desire to quickly find, work and share any photograph in their system!

Imagine being able to type in a keyword and instantly find all of your best Teton images, your best Bridge shots, or easily identify every photo of your grandkid and export the best ones to a slide show to share with family and friends. How much more satisfied will you feel with your photography when you can easily put together a collection for show (or for sale), and not have it take hours?! 

It's time to get those photos off of your computer, onto walls, and out into the world! 

Here's what we'll be covering in this workshop:

- Creating Presets for importing

- Organizing your Work - Create a system that works for you

- Lightroom as a Catalogue

- Importing and File Naming

- Metadata, Keywording, ITPC &EXIF, Rating

- Collections - the good and the not so good

- Sorting and Finding - the fun part!

- Creating a slide show! 

- Spend more time shooting and sharing and less time looking for those DAM photos! 

The Schedule: 

April 15 &16 (Sat/Sun)

Saturday 11am - 4pm PST

 - Backups and Protecting your work 

 - Demystifying Data Asset Management

 - Importing/Presets

 - Structure/file naming and meta data

 - Cataloging & Workflow

 - Q&A

 - Homework 

 April 16th 

Sunday 12pm - 5 or 6pm (depending on project completion)

  - Creating Collections

  - How to Use Collections

  - How to create a graphic for your slideshow 

 - IMPLEMENTATION TIME!! We will work side by side with you to help you create a collection, and a slideshow for export! You will walk away from this workshop with a working knowledge, and experience, in managing your files, keywording, protecting your images and a slideshow for sharing! 

* Bathroom, stretch, and short snack/meal breaks will be given during the workshop.

*This is an interactive online Zoom workshop. We are limiting the number of seats available for this workshop so reserve your seat early!  

** You will need Adobe Lightroom installed on your computer, as well as the Zoom app. (Adobe Lightroom is $9.99 a month, and Zoom is free)


* Early bird pricing - $435 

Reserve your seat by 5pm PST on March 31 and save $40! 

Price goes up to $475 on April 1st. 


* You do not need to be a Base Camp Photo club member to attend this workshop. 


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