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Troubleshooting Landscapes with Chris Ewen Crosby [Meeting Recording]

Troubleshooting Landscapes with Chris Ewen Crosby [Meeting Recording]

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Presenter Chris Ewen Crosby - 

Troubleshooting Landscapes

As we all know nature doesn't always cooperate with our vision as a photographer, and more often than not, we must deal with conditions in our landscape photography that are less than ideal. 

Learning how to navigate these tricky conditions and pivot in our vision or techniques can make the difference between coming home with great images, images that can be worked into something spectacular, or coming home disappointed. 

Chris is a phenomenal landscape photographer and workshop leader from Southern California. He'll be giving us great tips on how to deal with those tricky situations! 

- Ticket includes:

  •    Presentation
  •    Q&A
  •    Watch the Review of our Member submitted images
  •    Recording of the event within 48 hrs of the event


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