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VI Base Camp Elevate Workshop - Composition and Communication

VI Base Camp Elevate Workshop - Composition and Communication

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Base Camp -Elevate Workshop

Composition and Communication 

Move your photography goals forward in 2024 with our new Project Based, ELEVATE Learning Program. In a series of 8 workshops throughout 2024, you will receive group coaching calls, lessons, accountability and feedback. 

This listing is for a 5 week Composition and Communication Workshop with Angel McNall. 

Workshop details:

  • Live Zoom Session (and Recording) on March 11 @1-3pm PST
  • Homework Assignments
  • Cheat Sheet 
  • Midpoint Q&A, Check in,  Zoom Meeting/Editing Session, Monday April 1st @1pm PST
  • Live Zoom Image Review Zoom Meeting - April 15th At 1pm PST

Workshop Description:

Join us for a transformative workshop with Photography Coach Angel McNall will lead the group through a lesson on using composition as a tool to communicate your vision, your intentions, and emotion with your images.  Every image starts with a strong vision and composition, so we will be covering some foundational composition techniques, as well as some more advanced techniques. The goal is to get you thinking about new ways to express yourself through your images, and making images that have WOW factor! 

Coaching Call and Lesson- We will discuss clearly identifying the "Hero" in each image, and how to identify the supporting characters. We will also discuss techniques for expressing different emotions, to create images with impact. 

Shooting Assignments will be given to put our learning into action. Armed with the recording of the lesson and a cheat sheet, you will take these tips and execute your assignments to practice the skills from the lesson. 

Mid- Point Check In - This meeting is optional, but I encourage you to jump on, bring some images and work on your editing! I will coach you with some suggestions that will help you bring your visions to fruition. Ask questions, and share anything that has come up so far, as you walk through the assignments. 

Image Review Session - Let's Share what we've created! Bring your assignments, and let's discuss! (Directions will be given to all participants on how to present the assignments). 

Look Back on 2024 as the year that you became the photographer that you want to be!  

After you purchase this session, Angel will email you with program details. 

Questions? - Email 

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